The Starseeds mural project by artist Sarah Rowe is led by Art + Infrastructure, facilitated by Omaha by Design, in partnership with Ardent Mills, owner of the silos, with generous funding from the Faith Foundation.  

Sarah Rowe’s Concept Mockup

Starseeds will span 15 silos and cover approximately 23,400 square feet on the east facade of the silos. This mural is anticipated to be the second largest mural in Omaha and tallest, with silos ranging from 100 to 125 feet tall. A crew of muralists led by Richard Harrison from A Midsummers Mural is painting alongside Sarah Rowe.  

Photo of Sarah Rowe by Bill Sitzmann

Rowe is an interdisciplinary artist of Lakota and Ponca descent based in Omaha. The mural design, Starseeds, is a reflection of the Nebraska landscape that honors the mission and community centered work of Ardent Mills. Songbirds meet in the center of a wide and colorful Nebraska sky over a patchwork of growing grain and grazing horses. Seeds fall to the earth above a vibrant blooming wildflower. Golden sunlight and a gentle spring thunderstorm flank the design and taper off into the distance. Organic star shapes are a nod to local Indigenous storytelling. Towering shapes echo the architecture of the silos connecting earth and sky, offering a joyful palette for all passersby.

Starseeds design by Sarah Rowe

The mural will be painted in sections from 40 ft stages that are lowered and raised back up multiple times for coats of primer, a doodle grid to position the design, to final design and colors. Painting has begun and weather-permitting, the Starseeds mural will be completed this year before winter sets in.

Sarah Rowe and Benter Mock painting, photo by Weston Thomson

When completed, Starseeds will be the third in a series of murals on Ardent Mills silos. Murals already decorate the Denver and Mankato, Minn. silo locations.  


Art + Infrastructure (A + I) is a public art project focused on adding vibrant art to Omaha infrastructure, funded by the Faith Foundation. It was conceived by Laura Alley, a director of Faith Foundation and local artists Betni Kalk and Weston Thomson.

By beautifying Omaha’s “in-between spaces” like underpasses, alleyways, and industrial areas, A + I hopes that neighborhoods will become more connected, and that residents and visitors alike will experience more moments of joy throughout the city. A + I continues to evolve to meet the needs of local visual artists, including a new project called Art + You that showcases artists in local businesses.


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